81pc Smooth Economy Egg Planter Collection

WHOLESALE ONLY – Purchase by the full pallet assortment only. Check with your local independent garden center for availability of individual Michael Carr Designs®pottery pieces.

Michael Carr Designs® Smooth Economy Egg Planter Collection

Mix A – Assorted Colors – 1 Style in 9 Colors with Sets of 3 Sizes This collection includes the following planters:

  • Smooth Egg Planter – Set of 3 in Falling Green, Falling Black, Light Blue, White, Glossy Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Yellow Cream and Ultramarine
    • 15in Planter – 3ea of Each Color – 15in Diam x 11.8in H
    • 11.4in Planter – 3ea of Each Color – 11.4in Diam x 9.4in H
    • 8.7in Planter – 3ea of Each Color – 8.7in Diam x 7.1in H
Vietnamese Economy Planter Collections

The Economy Planter Collections are specially choosen collections featuring popular styles and colors in an wide array of planters. Each pallet features a large range of colors and styles in smaller entry-level price point pottery. Perfect to get your pottery assortment going or add in as filler along side the larger statement pieces.