32pc Delta Full Volcanic Planter Collection – Mix C

WHOLESALE ONLY – Purchase by the full pallet assortment only. Check with your local independent garden center for availability of individual Michael Carr Designs®pottery pieces.

Michael Carr Designs® Volcanic Delta Planter Collection

Full Volcanic Mixed Colors – Mix C – 32 Pieces – 1 Style in 4 Colors with Sets of 4 Sizes This collection includes the following planters:

  • Delta Planter – Set of 4 in Full Volcanic Blue, Full Volcanic Brown, Full Volcanic Peacock & Full Volcanic Green
    • 19in Planter – 2ea of Each Color – 19.0in Diam x 15.0in H
    • 15in Planter – 2ea of Each Color – 15.0in Diam x 12.6in H
    • 10.6in Planter – 2ea of Each Color – 10.6in Diam x 9.1in H
    • 7.9in Planter – 2ea of Each Color – 7.9in Diam x 6.7in H
Vietnamese Volcanic Glazed Pottery

This line of pottery is very durable, combining the best of the Vietnam clays with a combination of glazes as well as our special hand-added recipe of the Volcanic finish. This collection has the appearance of lava running over a glazed planter with the rich glazes coming through.