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Pottery Showcase Frequently Asked Questions

Times, Dates and Logistical Information

When is the Pottery Showcase?

The showroom is open by virtual or private appointment from July 18th-24th and August 1st-7th each day from 9am to 5pm. If you wish to attend you should complete the registration form as soon as possible.

Who should attend?

This show is geared towards the pottery buyers of fine garden centers where the planter category is an important aspect of their business. Attendees are able to view first hand new designs, styles, colors and categories of planters, pots and garden decor from multiple factories throughout Asia. All of this is in a one stop shopping environment that is geared to help you make the best choices for your store.

Where is the Pottery Showcase held?

The show is held in our Michael Carr Designs permanent showroom at 3065 Chastain Meadows Parkway, Building 200, Marietta, GA

How far is the Michael Carr Showroom from the AmericasMart - Atlanta?

The showroom is approximately 30 minutes from the AmericasMart: Atlanta in typical traffic. We also offer a complimentary shuttle service if you need a ride.

How far is the Michael Carr Showroom from the Atlanta Airport?

The showroom is approximately 30 minutes from the ATL (Atlanta| Hartsfield-Jackson) Airport in typical traffic. We also offer a complimentary shuttle service if you need a ride.

Is ground transportation provided to the showroom?

We have a complimentary shuttle service available to get you to the showroom to and from the airport, hotel and Atlanta Gift show in downtown Atlanta. To make arrangements please contact Jeanne VandenBerg at 866-358-9998.

Do you have recommended hotel options?

We have a designated hotel that we are working with near the showroom. To make arrangements and lock -in your stay please contact Jeanne VandenBerg at 866-358-9998.

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Vietnamese Glazed Pottery - Starburst Assortment in Peacock

Once You Arrive At the Pottery Showcase

How long does it take to effectively work the pottery show?

Most customers can work the entire show in about a half day and make their purchase decisions in that amount of time. Some customers who are driving or have a direct flight can get in and out on the same day. Some customers choose to walk the show to view the selection the first afternoon and come back the following day to make their buying decision. Please allow at least 3-4 hours to make an effective trip to the Pottery Showcase.

Are meals provided?

We will provide a light continental breakfast in addition a full lunch will be served between 11:30am and 1:00pm. The hotel that we use is located near a variety of restaurants for dinner.

Are there special discounts available to those who attend and submit an order at the show?

Those who attend and place orders at the pottery showcase enjoy the GUARANTEED BEST pricing of the year. Featuring a tiered pricing structure to allow you to maximize your savings.

What other reasons other than discounts are there to come to this show instead of waiting until the fall show in Cleveland?

This show features all of the Michael Carr offerings from the nearly 400 page catalog allowing customers to have the broadest selection to choose from. All colors and styles will be on display to see and touch in the showroom. We have over 6,000 unique designs, colors and styles on display.

The Pottery Showcase coincides with the Atlanta Gift Mart in July. This allows plenty of flexibility for you to schedule your appointment without interfering with vacations or busy work schedules and the convenience of one trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart and our showroom.

Michael Carr Designs - Pottery Showcase - Volcanic - VOB004 Series - Full Volcanic Tall Round - IMG_8581
Vietnamese Volcanic Pottery Collection

Making the Most of the Pottery Showcase

Do you offer container pricing?

If you are able to handle container quantities, we have a special program for you. Please be careful about purchasing a “good deal” from other companies. It is important to understand that we do business with some of the largest garden centers in America. We do warehouse programs as well as DIRECT CONTAINERS with them. Not one time, but year after year. We do this because they have figured out that taking short cuts and jumping at something that sounds too good to really be true doesn’t work in the long run. Is there a “chance” that everything will work out great with someone like this? Absolutely, but when it doesn’t, who do they go to for help and support? What happens when the product is not what they saw in the photos? What if the product is a disaster? Who is there to support them? Companies that are large enough to do their own thing have found that it is much better to have someone like us to be there to handle things for them. When someone is cheaper than normal, there is a reason. Something has been cut out. It is going to be cheaper, lower quality manufacturers, no terms, payment before delivery (stuck with what you receive); to no customer service when things to wrong. Let us take care of these headaches for you and no customer service when things go wrong. We want to offer you a much more pleasant and pain-free buying experience, please work with us on your container orders.

Vietnamese Glazed Pottery Collection

For orders placed at the show, when can I expect ship dates?

Pottery show orders are expected to arrive in December to our warehouse to meet ship dates of early January 2022, pending any unforeseen freight or import delays. Direct container orders placed at the Pottery Showcase can be scheduled as early as Fall 2021.

We allocate your order based on the date you place the order. Michael Carr Pottery showcase orders receive the highest priority allocation and are reserved for you.

For the 2021-2022 season we have already placed container orders on many of our past best-selling products, as well as what we anticipate to be our hot new items with factory guarantees to be shipped when needed.

What if I decide to NOT attend the pottery show, but instead place my order at the Michael Carr booth in the upcoming BFG Expo in Cleveland?

That is fine, but you need to understand that pricing at the BFG shows will be higher. This is due to the fact that we negotiate discounts from our partner factories, these rates expire in July. Therefore, a different discount structure applies at these shows. Additionally, for orders placed at the BFG shows, the realistic ship dates will need to be early March 2022 or later.

Michael Carr Designs Pottery Showcase Liconfiber Collection
Liconfiber Pottery Collection

What is the best way to prepare for the pottery showcase?

Review your pottery sales ahead of coming to the showcase to know how much pottery you move in a season and get an understanding of the type of pottery you tend to move (larger pieces, smaller pieces, indoor pottery, etc.) Take a look through the online catalog, our print version available in early June, mark it up, tag it up, make notes. The more you know coming into the showcase, the easier your decisions will be once you arrive.

For a peak at what to expect at the Pottery Showcase you can take a tour of last year’s showroom.

Michael Carr Designs Marked Up Catalog
Example of Marked Up Catalog