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  • Old World Collection

    Old World Collection

    The distressed look of this design is accomplished by mixing cement and terracotta with an old world finish. From bunnies to owls, gnomes and such much more, the pieces are sure to catch your eye.

  • Reptile Collection

    Reptile Collection

    What's lurking in your garden? From frogs to iguanas and snakes, it's our reptile designs! These life-like resin statuaries add a twist to any garden décor.

  • Woodland Collection

    Woodland Collection

    Coming right out of a fairy tail forest, these cute little woodland friends bring a whimsical feel to any outdoor space.

  • Gnome Collection

    Gnome Collection

    Since the Renaissance era, Gnomes have been part of myth and folklore, but it wasn't until the 19th century that the first produced garden gnomes began to appear. Whimsical and cute, our garden gnomes make any garden a treasure.

  • Feathered Friends Collection

    Feathered Friends Collection

    For all our bird lovers, our Feathered Friends collection covers the gamut of birds, from cardinals to bluejays to brighten your garden. Also available in Rain collectors (limited variety)

  • Companion Collection

    Companion Collection

    Our Pets are our true companions and what better way to show our love than to proudly feature them in our décor. So whether in remembrance with our Guardian designs or simply for a playful add with our puppies and cat, these designs are sure to please.