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  • Living Ivy Collection

    Living Ivy Collection

    Ivy, which comes from Ancient Greek meaning "twist or "turn", is a subtle but beautiful way to give your patio or garden a twist at any angle. This soft, but detailed look will really elevate your style in any setting.

  • Contemporary Collection

    Contemporary Collection

    Our contemporary collection is a representative of styles and trends happening in today's market. Choose from pieces that reflect complex ideas or concepts that shape our diverse, global and rapidly changing world.

  • Classic Smooth Collection

    Classic Smooth Collection

    Sleek and Simple, with a touch of sophistication, that is Classic. The deliberate use of plain texture with a slight shimmer, provides that modern feel that many are looking for in their outdoor space.

  • Graceful Fronds Collection

    Graceful Fronds Collection

    The many fine and deep divisions on a fern gives just the right amount of detail. The elegant curves of charisma paired with the subtle raised fronds provide the a timeless piece that can be used for years to come.

  • Techno Collection

    Techno Collection

    By the early 1990s, techno music had become globally popular. Techno raves were often accompanied by intricate laser light shows. It is these lights that inspired the techno design. The way the pattern follows the pot it gives it an optical illusion that follows the shape going down, similar to lights descending on the dance floor.

  • Ribbed Collection

    Ribbed Collection

    When you hear "ribbed", it lends itself to strength and rough exterior textures. However when you pair that with Michael Carr Designs, you get something that is both strong and textured but still soft and refined. An alluring piece of art that will stand the test of time in style and beauty.

  • Hexagonal Collection

    Hexagonal Collection

    From the Greek "Hex" meaning six and "gonia" meaning angle, this multidimensional design, with raised edges and angles is one of Michael Carr's personal favorites. As in other designs, Michael really understands how light reflect off of pieces and ensures that all catch a shimmer!

  • Dogwood Collection

    Dogwood Collection

    Created with Michael Carr's father in mind, whose favorite tree was the Dogwood when in bloom, this design focuses on the bloom itself at top with a beautiful glaze overlay applied to give it depth.

  • Strawberry Planter Collection

    Strawberry Planter Collection

    These 9-hole planters allow you to plant and grow a range of varieties that flower and fruit at different times. As each plant grows, they cascade down the side of the planter and receives a suitable amount of sunlight to prosper.

  • Pollinator Collection

    Pollinator Collection

    Being an essential part of mother nature, it only makes sense to honor pollinators with their own collection. These beautiful butterflies, bees and hummingbirds will brighten your day and help keep your garden or patio plants thriving!

  • Volcanic Collection

    Volcanic Collection

    From the depths of the Earth, comes the Volcanic collection with its distinct petrified stone trims followed by colorful glossy bottoms. This unique collection is one of our most popular and one of Michael Carr's favorites.