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Hand-Crafted with Unique Glazes

One of the things that makes our line of garden pottery special is that each piece is hand-made. Each piece starts with a talented craftsman taking clay and pushing it into a mold by hand. After an initial drying, they remove it with their hands and tirelessly work to smooth each seam and each design element out to give it the sleek shape that you see in each finished product. It is dried once again and liquid glazes are applied to the pots by hand. The pots are then moved to the kiln where it is set up to fire.

Inside the rustic old world wood burning kilns, heat will circulate throughout the pieces inside. The heat inside varies slightly from spot to spot. The heat combined with the unique glazes are what creates the colors and runs of the glazes. These slight variations in temperature are what give each piece its own unique finish. This is how customers get that one of a kind look with each piece.

We are also using more and more cutting edge kiln technologies. We do this in order to achieve more consistency in colors and can actually create new colors now achievable with varying temperatures in wood burning kilns. Using the best scenarios in each type of kiln we can achieve the best quality and styling.

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